Transportable Modular Boiler Stations

Transportable Modular Boiler Station Eurotherm meets the highest modern requirements to heating supply sources and approved by Certificate of Conformity. Boiler stations are produced on technical requirements, certified, have all needed allowance for its usage.

Modular boiler stations КМ-2 are used for work in automatic mode without constant presence of service worker. The control of work of modular boiler station can be held on distance from control console which goes in a set with station.

  • THE LOAD of boiler station is held once in 6 pays
  • 1 person serves up to 20 stations
  • Time of production — 20 days
  • CASCADE WORK of 10 boiler stations

Boiler stations for schools, industrial complexes, buildings, investors

Download the presentation (PDF, 2.25MB)


Transportable modular boiler station