Eurotherm Technology


The EUROTHERM TECHNOLOGY company was founded in 1991. “EUROTHERM TECHNOLOGY” products have achieved recognition from grateful clients, for more than 25 years of the successful heat power equipment production sphere performance.

“EUROTHERM TECHNOLOGY” – self-sufficient structure which successfully combines in itself competitive products production and care of efficiency and durability of products in case of intensive operation at all stages of its “lifecycle”.

Dynamic development and high quality of the made products “EUROTHERM” could not remain unnoticed, the company is conferred a set of prestigious awards and awards:

  • 2001 – “Gold Fate” tender winner.
  • 2002 – “The Highest Test” tender winner.
  • 2003 – “Public recognition” tender winner.
  • 2004 – “Gold Trademark” tender winner.
  • 2005 – “Industry Leader” tender winner.
  • 2005 – Saint Nicholas’s “For Ukraine’s economy development” wonder-worker award.
  • 2006 – Luka Pacholi’s international award.
  • 2008 – “Industry Leader” tender winner.
  • 2010 – “Industry Leader” tender winner.
  • 2011 – “Industry Leader” tender winner.
  • 2012 – “The year 2012 entity” rating winner.
  • 2012 – “Industry Leader” rating winner.
  • 2014 – “Exporter of the Year” Medal.
  • 2015 – “Importer of the Year” Medal.

The EUROTHERM TECHNOLOGY company’s main priority is modern heating and gas equipment’s intensive implementation with minimum expenses and maximum performance. In equipment manufacturing for a heat power complex, it as boiler “EUROTHERM” or gas coppers Ukraine , technologists, engineers and designers apply long valuable experience and innovative technical developments, to improvement of quality of products and satisfaction of requests of clients of the company.

Some achievements of “EUROTHERM TECHNOLOGY”:

  • 25% of Ukraine’s advanced boiler rooms are equipped with “EUROTHERM” coppers .
  • 628 Ukraine’s industrial boiler rooms that underwent reconstruction are equipped with “EUROTHERM TECHNOLOGY” coppers.
  • “EUROTHERM” coppers make 11,5 million gigacalories of heat per year in Ukraine.
  • The EUROTHERM TECHNOLOGY company has valuable practical experience of large-scale project heat supply network productive implementation reorganization in the big city.
  • “EUROTHERM” possesses specialized shop record on transportable power units production in Ukraine.

Heating systems development and implementation evolve every day, requirements to products, profitability and ecological compatibility properties raise, competitiveness grows. Therefore, the company pursues dynamic marketing policy by constantly making investments and human resources in innovative production technologies’ researches and development. Results exceed even the most courageous expectations.

The EUROTHERM TECHNOLOGY company makes different heating power equipment, “EUROTHERM” solid propellant coppers , transportable boiler rooms, heat exchangers, “EUROTHERM” long burning coppers , economizers, “EUROTHERM” block boiler rooms and many other things, in particular. One of the last developments, the pride of the company, a transportable boiler room of capacity from 1 ths KW which does not have analogs around the world.

“EUROTHERM TECHNOLOGY” is the owner “Alternative energy sources’ research center” uniform in the CIS which carries out the following functions:

  • Several heat and power supply sources operability simplification.
  • Reasons for the choice of a heat and power supply sources’ quantity type of for the examinee of object from the technical and economic point of view.
  • Scheduling of power flows and operating expenses together with power certification of object

“EUROTHERM TECHNOLOGY” – the stable company of the heat power sphere offering the greatest choice of profile hardware among domestic producers.