Твердотопливные котлы Евротерм ТехнолоджиOur customers often worry concerning reacquired solid-fuel boiler in the area where gas-fired boiler is already established. This may be caused by unfortified with specification documents gas service employees’ demands to make amendments into gas project, which is a very costly affair as times go. And long shillings for gas-oil executive offices out of a blue.

If the gas service installation in the house or another area are, quite literally, executed according to security requirements and there is an open space in the area, solid-fuel boiler’s deployment is the owner’s personal decision then accepted per that kind of boiler manufacturer’s feedback and fire prevention regulations then.

Furthermore, it is recommended to execute gas-fired and solid-fuel boiler’s colligation before counseling with installation fitters that have a background in dealing with both solid-fuel boilers in general, as well as specific manufacturer’s boilers. One needs to devote special attention to temperature conditions adjustment of both boilers to secure continuous heat supply concerning solid-fuel cyclic recurrence loading.

Properly and thoroughly executed mounting heating system calibration will provide gas-fired and solid-fuel boilers with comfortable and economical heat supply, which will guarantee consumer’s confidence and calmness.