Heating substation – is an element which connect the heating network of unit and the heating system. As the heating agent in heating network the water or steam network can be used.

Heating substations are used for:

  • heating – for sustaining of set temperature in a builting;
  • ventilation – for warming of cold air;
  • hot water-supply – for providing of hot water to consumer.

Modular and block heating substations have such advantages before the traditional:

  • Since hot water is prepared directly in heat substations of consumers – total piping length is reduced by 2-fold which reduces the thermal and hydraulic losses, pump energy consumption for pumping the liquid, the cost of acquisition and maintenance of pipelines and isolation;
  • With the help of heat supply automatic control system to the consumer is carried out saving up to 15% of the heat for heating;
  • Noticeably reduces heat loss in the circulation of hot water;
  • Significantly reduced the number of network failures due to lack of heating systems hot water supply pipelines;
  • Automation of heat substation reduces the need for maintenance personnel;
  • Due to weather-automation reduces costs and increases comfort coolants premises.

The decrease of thermal energy use compared to traditional heat substations is around 20-30%. The pay-off period of block heat substation depends on thermal capacity. The higher is the capacity – the shorter is the pay-off period.